Boxing in Coral Springs


Boxing in Coral Springs

What comes to mind when you think of working out? Maybe you wince at the idea of long runs and grueling fitness plans. Maybe you just want something new to mix up your existing routine. Whatever the case might be, if you’re looking for a fun but effective way to get fit, boxing might be just the thing you need. Interested in boxing in Coral Springs? Read on!

The Physical Effects of Boxing

Boxing is good for many different reasons. It is an excellent fat burner that improves muscle endurance and works your body in ways you didn’t even know was possible. When you are boxing, your core muscles are working harder to keep balance, increasing your core stability. Not only do you get strong, toned muscles; you can also build stronger bones and ligaments. Boxing also is great for your cardiovascular system because it causes your heart and lungs to work much harder and increases the blood flow throughout your entire body. Who could argue with those results?

The Mental Effects of Boxing

Boxing is a major stress reliever because it naturally releases tension in a controlled environment. By doing this, you will become more relaxed and clear minded. Not only is it good for stress relief, but it helps with coordination by properly allowing your brain and body to better communicate. This communication between brain and body makes you more aware of your movements. With all of the great changes your body and mind experience while boxing, you might find it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Better, Stronger You

Boxing will not only improve your physical self, but will make you stronger mentally. Both of these changes are important because it allows the athlete to be well rounded and ready to take on whatever challenge they will face. If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, studio4fitness can help get you there. Come see our trained professionals and say hello to a better, stronger you.

When people think of working out, they don’t always consider boxing, but they should. Why? Boxing is one of the most effective workouts. Not only does boxing tighten and tone your body, but it challenges you both mentally and physically. With proper training, it can help you to achieve all of your fitness goals, which is why boxing in Coral Springs is becoming the new fitness craze.

Simple Steps for Getting Fit


Simple Steps for Getting Fit

When we think of fitness, what comes to mind? For some, the idea of starting the journey towards being more fit is a bit intimidating. Fad diets, extreme exercise programs, and other get fit quick programs are alluring – at first. Before long, you might find yourself saying, “it’s too hard,” or “I can’t do this anymore.” You’re not alone. What many don’t realize is that fitness is more than following the latest diet trends and schemes. Fitness is a way of life, one that requires you to make healthier decisions.

Though it might seem challenging, the good news is that making better habits is easy when you make simple changes, a few (or even one) at a time.

Small changes lead to success!

What is one thing you can do to be healthier? Maybe you cut back on the amount of sodas you drink, or eat less carbs. Maybe you just start by eating smaller portions at each meal. Whatever you decide, it’s a step in the right direction.

How does this help?

Breaking old habits can be hard. It’s made easier when you do this naturally and overtime rather than forcing yourself to stick to a goal you will give up on. For example, drinking one less soda a day can lead to two less, then eventually to drinking sodas on occasion. Once you succeed in one thing, you gain confidence and strength before making the next positive change.

Where should I start?

What small step to take first depends on you. What is something you can stick to? What are small things you can do each day to improve your overall health? To get you thinking, here are some ideas:

  • Cut back on sugary drinks such as soda.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes three times a week.
  • Skip dessert every now and then.
  • Eat smaller, healthier meal portions.
  • Exchange one unhealthy snack a day for something nutrient dense.
  • Eat one more fruit or vegetable each day.
  • Go to bed one hour earlier.

The possibilities are virtually endless. When you get your mind set on living different, before you know it you’ll see results, and most importantly results that last. Remember, a journey of one million miles starts with one step. Take you first small step today!

Exercising: The Key To Being The Best You



You might find yourself feeling a little sluggish as Summer becomes a distant memory and cooler weather makes its way into our lives. You might have less energy than usual, and could even feel a little sadder than you’re used to. You are not alone! This time of year can bring about a lot of emotion, and is a great time for reflection and change. Time is flying by before our eyes, and New Year’s resolutions are something that some of us have began thinking about. The biggest resolution for most people is getting “fit,” and the best way to better our overall health is exercising! The question is, why wait for the New Year, when you can improve the way you feel now?


How Would You Like to Feel Better, Inside and Out?

There are many advantages of exercising, one of those being weight loss. Weight loss alone can make you feel better about yourself as an individual, which is one of the keys to happiness. We’ve all heard it: If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anything else, right? That isn’t the only advantage of weight loss though! That’s right, looking smoking hot before you go to that New Year’s party is only a small positive of losing weight.


Surprising Benefits of Weight Loss

Did you know that losing weight decreases your risk of developing breast cancer!?  Women are not the only ones that are prone to developing this plague either. It’s best that we all manage our weight to the best extent that we can. For women, weight loss is good for those who are trying to conceive. Extra weight makes it hard for your lungs to get the air that you need, leading to sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea. Exercising leads to weight loss, which as you can see, is very good for your health and well-being.


A Cure for Seasonal Blues

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression during these cooler months? Seasonal anxiety/depression is more than real, and many of us suffer from it on a day-to-day basis. Exercising is proven to release endorphins, our “stress fighters” or “feel good” chemicals. This could be the answer to your “Winter time blues.”


As you can see, exercise is a great secret to having a healthier mind and body. Why wait any longer? Get up, get moving, and get motivated for a better, healthier life.

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