Is there a diet plan that works and can be maintained?

veggie heartAlthough it’s called a fitness trend, staying healthy and in shape is not only a trend but simply a way of living that results in a happier and longer life. Fitness is a two part endeavor requiring adequate exercise along with a healthy diet.

There are plenty of fad diet plans that may help you lose weight quickly for a single event but they often only remove water weight that comes right back after the dieting period is finished. Fad diet plans don’t work and some are unhealthy producing the opposite effect of why you wanted to lose weight. One that particularly comes to mind is the hCG 500 plan developed by Dr. ATW Simeons in 1950. This diet can cause dangerous malnourishment as 500 calories is simply not enough to maintain a healthy level of activity.

The amount of recommended daily calorie intake depends upon the person’s age, weight, activity level and body composition. Some people may need 1500, but others need more. A good formula to determine how many calories a person needs is to take their body weight times 10-14. If the person is more sedentary or has a slow metabolism, then they should use 10. However, if they have a fast metabolism and have a very active lifestyle, then 14 may be more adequate.

For healthy long term weight loss you need to make a lifestyle choice to assure those calories come from healthy food. The calories should be spread throughout the day as three or four meals and a snack rather than one small fast food meal.

A good first step is to eat only food from the grocery store rather than eating out in a restaurant then move on to eating only food you prepare yourself and cut out any prepackaged frozen meals. This diet allows you to control not only the amount of calories you take in but also choose the most efficient calories for your nutritional needs.

Everyone has different preferences but you can focus on high protein intake or you can eat more vitamins minerals and fibers of fruits and vegetables. The important part is to maintain the daily calories and make sure to exercise enough to burn them off. This will develop the lean muscular body you want rather than the malnourished look of deprivation.

Diet plans vary for each person. The idea is to change the way you look at food and eat healthy. Discover a diet you find satisfying enough to stick with out of habit instead of viewing diet as a chore that you have to maintain while wishing you could eat something else. You’ll lose weight feel better and find yourself healthier for years to come.


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